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In the year 2050... rapidly ageing populations and workforces in educated societies over the next three decades, global skills shortages and population growth confined to the 50 poorest countries in the world will create new and complex problems in society and business. Will you be prepared?

Technology, science, medicine, agriculture, mining, and the way we live and work will have changed radically and nothing will be as it was. Business models, strategic workforce planning and leadership styles will need to adapt now to ensure sustainable, corporate socially responsible and profitable businesses in the future.

You cannot lead others unless you know how to lead yourself first. Self-leadership is about choices, self-awareness, self-belief and backing yourself. It is about taking care of yourself, before taking care of others. Self-care leads to self-preservation and a greater ability to lead others successfully. It is about the Power of One.

29 January 2015

Queensland Health

Very informative and interesting topic, very educational.  Excellent speaker.

Definitely high impact!  And more importantly, of high relevance.

Fluent, captivating and authoritative presenter.  A five star performance, the highlight of the Congress.  Great help for future reference and future challenges ahead.

Avril was an excellent presenter, challenging our conservative thoughts on good leadership.

29 January 2015

New Zealand Police

I want to help and motivate people to see their potential and all that they can be. The 'penny had dropped' for my own personal journey... wow you are the guru... who has been there AND 'bought the T Shirt'!!

29 January 2015

Conference Delegate

I was totally blown away by you and what you said, it was an honour to meet you and appreciate what risks you had taken and the journey to where you are now.  Lets just say that "my mind got a bit of a work out!!!"

29 January 2015


Congratulations on your success this morning at the HR Partners function.  I found your work very inspiring and returned to work with a refreshed approach to support my team and their aspirations of leadership.

29 January 2015


Avril had fantastic stories, experience and passion.  An absolutely essential speaker, the best yet.