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2019 & Beyond

17 January 2019 Featured
2019 & Beyond

Some things to remember with closing a year and starting a new one.....

  • Stop being a “human doing” and become a human being
  • Stop using your technology 24/7 – shut it down, turn it off and BE PRESENT
  • One for women – Stop saying “I’m sorry” if you didn’t hurt someone’s feelings!
  • Stop using BUT – it disconnects people and conversations, start using AND
  • Stop talking on your mobile phone when walking on sidewalks and crossing roads
  • Stop talking and start listening – to your peers, employees, partners, children and friends! Listen with your ears and your eyes and your heart

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  • Listen with intent, not judgement
  • Drive less, walk more
  • Judge less, love more
  • Dance more, sing more
  • Watch less TV, read more
  • Work less, sleep more
  • Stop your negative self-talk. Start being kind to yourself. Be your own best friend
  • Stop putting off looking after yourself. You cannot be anything to anyone until you take care of yourself first
  • Stop worrying as much, start laughing more, especially at yourself
  • Stop eating sugar and preservatives, drink more red wine and eat more dark chocolate


  • Stop spending time with people who make you feel bad or guilty, start spending time with people who make you laugh till your belly aches
  • Stop whinging when small things go wrong, practice more gratitude
  • Start loving yourself, your body, your mind and your life more
  • Stop and reflect over the holiday season about your achievements, your loved ones and what you're grateful for in 2018

START 2019 with goals, big dreams and gratitude for another year