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2020 Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM™) Programs Calendar


Program 1: Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st March, Monday 11 May
CBD venue to be announced


Program 1:  Wednesday 25th March, Wednesday 29th April, Monday 25th May
Program 2 – Wednesday 26th August, Wednesday 17th September, Wednesday 28th October
Atura Hotel, Albury


Program 1: Tuesday 3rd March, Tuesday 7th April, Tuesday 5th May
Program 2: Thursday 17th September, Thursday 15th October, Thursday 12th November
The Boathouse, Barton


Program 1: Thursday 2nd April, Thursday 7th May, Thursday 4th June
Program 2: Thursday 24th September, Thursday 22nd October, Thursday 19th November
The Kirribilli Club, Lavender Bay

Northern Rivers NSW (Ballina)

Program 1: Friday 27th March, Friday 1st May, Friday 5th June
Program 2: Tuesday 22nd September, Tuesday 20th October, Tuesday 17th November
Ballina venue to be announced


Program 1Wednesday 24th June, Wednesday 22nd July, Wednesday 19th August
CBD Venue to be announced


Program 1: Tuesday 12th May, Tuesday 16th June, Tuesday 14th July
CBD Venue to be announced


Program 1: Tuesday 30th June, Tuesday 28th July and Wednesday 29th July
CBD Venue to be announced


Program 1 – Friday 7th August, Friday 11th September, Tuesday 13th October
CBD Venue to be announced


Program 1: Monday 14th September, Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd November
CBD Venue to be announced


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