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CHANGE IS COMING…Last chance to secure your seat to our GLAM Zoom Course with Avril Henry.

CHANGE IS COMING…Last chance to secure your seat to our GLAM Zoom Course with Avril Henry.

If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills and take your career to the next level, the Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM) Women’s Leadership development program by Avril Henry could be the perfect fit for you.

Our last online GLAM program for the year is fast approaching in August. This will be the last GLAM Course run by Avril herself – one not to be missed.

This comprehensive program is designed to help aspiring and current leaders develop the necessary skills and mindset to excel in their roles and drive their career and organisations forward.

The GLAM Leadership program is built around three core pillars: 

  1. personal confidence, 
  2. excellence in people management, and 
  3. courageous leadership. 

Through a combination of workshops, case studies, and experiential learning activities, participants will gain a deep understanding of these three pillars and how to apply them daily, in their workplace and personal lives. 

KEY DATES – Less than 1 month to go!

Consisting of 6 half-day workshops by Zoom over 8 weeks, this is your last chance to complete our public GLAM course, online, run by Avril Henry herself.

Online Program: 6 Half-days

Dates: 1, 15, 22, 29 August 5, 12 September 2023
Presented by Zoom Time: 11:00 – 15:00

The personal confidence component focuses on self-awareness through the application of your preferred communication style, using the DiSC profiling model. Participants will learn how to identify their strengths and blind spots as leaders, listen actively, read body language, manage their emotions effectively, set personal & professional SMART goals, and develop a growth mindset that enables them to continuously improve and adapt to new challenges.

The excellence in people management component is all about building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders through improved, effective communication. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively, through active listening, observing and asking open questions, resolve conflicts constructively, inspire and motivate others, and build high-performing teams that achieve exceptional results.

The courageous leadership component focuses on believing in yourself & your leadership style, through self-leadership first, then leading others. Participants will learn how to understand, manage and motivate different generations at work and lead effectively across different cultures. Time is spent developing effective career strategies for the present and future roles, understanding and developing work/life effectiveness tools, that are mutually beneficial for themselves and their organisation.

✔️ Throughout the program, Avril Henry will draw on her extensive leadership experience plus Finance, IT, Change Management, People & Culture skills, and as a leadership coach and consultant to provide practical insights and tools that can be applied immediately at work.

✔️ It includes group discussions and activities which encourage participants to share their experiences and learn from one another, while building a valuable network of peers and mentors.

✔️ Whether you are a new manager looking to develop your leadership skills, or an experienced executive seeking to make your next career move, the GLAM Leadership program is an excellent investment in your personal and professional development.

✔️ With its comprehensive curriculum, practical insights, and supportive learning environment, this program will help you become the best leader you can be.

“GLAM empowers you to take control of your career. Avril and her team have created a program that all women should complete.” (Logistics Manager, Dept of Defence)
“I will definitely become an advocate for the GLAM program. It is practical, empowering, supportive, career-enhancing and insightful.” ( CEO, Not-For-Profit organisation)

“This has been an enlightening program providing valuable insights into myself, leadership and challenging the status quo. Both empowering and thought-provoking.” (Australian Army Major)

“Thank you for providing an informative, practical and targeted program that is full of components that can readily applied at work and in my personal life.” (Financial Services Senior Manager)


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