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Leadership Revelations III How We Achieve The Gender Tipping Point

$55.00 + GST

Through successful women’s stories (91 women from 10 countries across 4 generations), Avril uncovers their experiences about unfair treatment based on their gender, an experience rarely, if ever, experienced by men. This leads to an exploration by Avril of the myths that surround women at work, which are often unfounded and inaccurate. She asks questions about what women think about women and their self-imposed obstacles and barriers, and what men think about women at work.

This is not a book about problems and what’s wrong with women, it is a book which seeks to reveal practical strategies for creating solutions and change management options for creating gender equality for all, women and men. This is not a book about fixing women – women don’t need fixing – the system and our attitudes do!

This is a practical handbook for organisations and individuals, men and women, who want to change the status quo for themselves, their wives and partners, sisters, daughters and friends, and how to do that! Avril creates a fascinating journey, which you are invited to embark upon.


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