@avrilhenry She couldn’t be more incompetent than you POTUS🤮🤮🤮 https://t.co/yLlH9mGzfA

Avril’s knowledge was impressive of the global situation; extremely well planned; insightful and interesting; it was a lot of fun, hardly noticed the learning aspect; Avril had great energy; practical session especially on giving constructive feedback; the understanding of self was excellent.

Specialist Surgeons, Regional & CBD Hospitals - NSW Health

Executive Coaching

Having benefited from coaching themselves, our coaches work with senior executives to enhance their leadership, communication and people management skills. We specialise in individual and group coaching (for middle managers) and tailor our sessions to three or four key areas an individual needs to develop for improved performance.

We provide coaching to senior executives, management and business owners to enhance their leadership, communication and people management skills. Using reputable coaching methodology, we tailor coaching to three or four key areas the individual needs to work on. Each coaching assignment will significantly enhance the leadership and management skills of the participant, benefiting the individual, the team and the organization.

We also provide mentoring to help people achieve their greatest potential. It can be delivered to individuals, or through our group mentoring programs, targeting young people or women. It is designed to prepare them for leadership roles now and in the future.

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