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I felt so empowered. It was like I was given permission to view myself differently. I loved immersing myself around so much positivity.

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The Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM™) Program for Women in Leadership is Australia’s most successful leadership training program designed specifically for women.

Designed by one of Australia’s most recognized and awarded leadership thought leaders, author, commentator, coach and provocateurs, Avril Henry and her team of experienced leaders and facilitators, Jan Dent and David Kwasha, GLAM™ is specifically designed to empower current and future female leaders with real world best practice leadership skills. In addition we focus on further development of, self-awareness, self-leadership, career and your own brand leadership management skills.

As literally hundreds of testimonials from course attendees support, GLAM™ as delivered by Avril and her seasoned team of facilitators is an authentic and pragmatic 3 days of development aimed to leave all attendees with practical skills and methods they can use immediately after each workshop to enhance and accelerate their career paths in leadership.

Are women well represented in senior and executive roles in your company?

Do you have a focused strategy to develop women for leadership roles?

Since 2011, of the 700+ attendees of the GLAM program over 50% were promoted within their current organization, while many other attendees were considered for future promotion or joined new employers at a more senior level, within 1 year of completing the program.

Practical development and empowerment of women in your organization for senior leadership roles is an excellent opportunity to maximize returns of your investment in your people whilst also creating a competitive global advantage. Increasingly, this is a compliance issue with the ASX and AICD requiring companies to increase the number of women to their executive teams and boards.


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