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I felt so empowered. It was like I was given permission to view myself differently. I loved immersing myself around so much positivity.


So do you have a strategy to develop women for leadership roles in your organisation?

The Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM™) Program for Women in Leadership is Australia’s most successful leadership training program designed specifically for women.

Designed by one of Australia’s most recognized and awarded leadership thought leaders, author, commentator, coach and provocateurs, Avril Henry and her team of experienced leaders and facilitators, Jan Dent and David Kwasha, GLAM™ is specifically designed to empower current and future female leaders with real world best practice leadership skills. In addition we focus on further development of, self-awareness, self-leadership, career and your own brand leadership management skills.

As literally hundreds of testimonials from course attendees support, GLAM™ as delivered by Avril and her seasoned team of facilitators is an authentic and pragmatic 3 days of development aimed to leave all attendees with practical skills and methods they can use immediately after each workshop to enhance and accelerate their career paths in leadership.

Are women well represented in senior and executive roles in your company? Do you have a focused strategy to develop women for leadership roles?

Since 2011, of the 700+ attendees of the GLAM program over 50% were promoted within their current organization, while many other attendees were considered for future promotion or joined new employers at a more senior level, within 1 year of completing the program.

Practical development and empowerment of women in your organization for senior leadership roles is an excellent opportunity to maximize returns of your investment in your people whilst also creating a competitive global advantage. Increasingly, this is a compliance issue with the ASX and AICD requiring companies to increase the number of women to their executive teams and boards.


The personal confidence component

focuses on self-awareness through the application of your preferred communication style, using the DiSC profiling model.

Participants will learn how to identify their strengths and blind spots as leaders, listen actively, read body language, manage their emotions effectively, set personal & professional SMART goals and develop a growth mindset that enables them to continuously improve and adapt to new challenges.

The excellence in people management component

is all about building strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders through improved, effective communication.

Participants will learn how to communicate effectively, through active listening, observing and asking open questions, resolve conflicts constructively, inspire and motivate others, and build high-performing teams that achieve exceptional results.

The courageous leadership component

focuses on believing in yourself & your leadership style, through self-leadership first, then leading others.

Participants will learn how to understand, manage and motivate different generations at work and lead effectively across different cultures. Time is spent developing effective career strategies for the present and future roles, understanding and developing work/life effectiveness tools, that are mutually beneficial for themselves and their organisation.

GLAM Ambassadors


Wendy McCarthy

AO +
Sydney Women's Fund

Wendy is an experienced company director who began her career as a secondary school teacher. She was a founding member of Women’s Electoral Lobby and continues to be an advocate for women. She has held many significant leadership roles in key national and international bodies. Wendy was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for outstanding contributions to community affairs, women’s affairs and the Bicentennial celebrations. In 2011 she was profiled in The Power of One as one of 100 women who have shaped Australia.


Ann Sherry

AO +

Ann is the former CEO and Chairman of Carnival Australia, driving transformation of the cruise industry in Australia and NZ. She is also the former CEO and Group Executive Westpac NZ and Bank of Melbourne, driving cultural change and customer focus in banking. She has been an adviser to Premiers and Prime Ministers on the status of women in Australia.

Currently Non-Executive Director NAB, Sydney Airport, Palladium Group, Chairman UNICEF Australia, Director Museum of Contemporary Art and Cape York Partnerships & Infrastructure Victoria.


Simone Wilkie (Ret’d Maj General)

AO +
Cape York House

Simone retired as a Major General after an exceptional military career spanning 35 years with operational service in Cambodia, Iraq, and as the Commander in Afghanistan. Other roles included Commander of the Australian Defence College and Chief of Staff in Army Headquarters. She Chaired the Australian Defence Force Sports Council and established our Invictus Games teams. She now enjoys a portfolio career as a Professor of Defence Technology at Deakin University and a Non Executive Director of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, AFL SportsReady, the Beaufort Group, and as an AFL Commissioner.


Megan Etheridge,

Dress for Success

After a career as a teacher, workers’ advocate, PR and Marketing executive in the education sector, Megan set up Dress for Success Sydney in 2009. She is currently leading the development of Success Works, a DFS Sydney program which will provide employability training and real job opportunities for women affected by the criminal justice system.


Graeme Cowan


Graeme is one of Australia’s leading authorities on leadership resilience and creating mentally healthy work cultures. He helps leaders and teams to be more caring, resilient, and growth-oriented. After previously working in senior leadership, he went through a 5-year episode of depression. He is the author of 4 books, including the internationally acclaimed Back from the Brink, featuring stories and practical advice on overcoming depression. He was instrumental in the establishment and growth of RUOK?


Nareen Young

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Industry Professor, Indigenous Policy (Indigenous Workforce Diversity), Jumbunna Institute of Indigenous Education and Research, UTS, Sydney.

Nareen has been one of Australia’s leading diversity thinkers and practitioners for many years, having led two workplace diversity peak bodies to enormous success and impact, having identified and introduced many practice concepts. She has received awards and accolades for this work. She is currently leading thinking around the contribution of Indigenous people to the Australian employment market.


Jen Dalitz

Share the Dignity

Jen is a CA and CPA qualified finance professional with extensive strategic and operational experience in the banking and finance sector. An internationally recognised thought leader on diversity and inclusion, Jen has been an influencer on issues relating to women in leadership for the past decade. Jen’s current appointment as CEO of Women in Banking and Finance follows a 25-year career in both line roles in banking and as a management consultant with global and boutique firms.


Jo Cavanagh

Family Life

Chief Executive Officer, Family Life.

Jo has worked within the community services sector for more than 40 years and has been CEO of Family Life since 1996. In this role, she has led an innovative program of change driving substantial organisational growth. With a reputation for knowledge and understanding of the complex social services sector, Jo’s position allows her to impact policy and drive research through her affiliation with Swinburne University. Jo is passionate about empowering vulnerable families, children and young people and contributing to movements for social change.


Jennifer Wittwer

Lou's Place

International Consultant.

A military veteran, with 38 years’ experience in organizational change, cultural reform, and contemporary gender-responsive strategies, Jennifer supports global efforts to ensure more effective and sustainable peace and security through the inclusion of women at all levels. Her more recent roles in the Australian Defence Force included Navy Women’s Strategic Adviser, Gender Adviser to NATO in Afghanistan, Director National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, and a policy specialist on peacekeeping and sexual exploitation and abuse with UN Women in New York.


Hetty Johnston


Founder of Bravehearts Foundation Ltd

Hetty’s background is diverse. She has a strong senior business and finance administration background for national and state-based companies, a small business owner, a successful community campaigner which led to a promising political career as the State Leader of the then Australian Democrats in the late 1990’s. Utilising her extensive experience, and after a personal tragedy, Hetty founded Bravehearts Foundation in 1997 and has become Australia’s leading child protection advocate.


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