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Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Breaking Down Generational Barriers At Work (eBook)

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We have entered a bold new era in which the “skills shortage” is the norm and the balance of power has shifted from employers to employees. In this constantly evolving world, it is crucial to build inclusive, collaborative relationships that enable us to achieve personal, professional and organisational goals.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today brings a unique approach to this highly topical issue and dispels many of the myths and stereotypes. Meticulously researched, Avril Henry takes a comprehensive profile of the cultural, political and ideological factors which have shaped the various mentalities and values of each generation and examines how these values impact working and social relationships.

From an analysis of the factors which engender company loyalty and job satisfaction, to an examination into the centrality of corporate branding, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today is a distillation of the wisdom and insights Avril has gained throughout her outstanding international career in…


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