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Gen Y Females’ Top Election Issues 2016

May 27 2016 By [email protected]

I asked a number of Gen Y female entrepreneurs on social media the following two questions: What are your top 3 issues for the election? Are you engaged, disengaged or disillusioned with the current election campaign? Why? Please note that I did not purposely exclude men, I simply had the opportunity to ask women who…

Do You Really Listen or Simply Hear?

April 12 2016 By [email protected]

“It is better to remain quiet and be thought of a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt” Anonymous Most of us don’t actually listen, we simply hear. This means that we comprehend less than 50% of every verbal conversation we have, so much of the message is either forgotten or lost. Many…

We Need Quotas For Men

March 08 2016 By [email protected]

Yes, that is correct – we need quotas for men! As we approach yet another International Women’s Day, and face questions such as: “When is International Men’s Day?” to which I usually respond with: “The other 364 days of the year!” “Should we have targets, or quotas?” “Won’t quotas result in reverse discrimination against men?”…

What Feminism & Equality Really Mean

February 24 2016 By [email protected]

I have always found it both perplexing and amusing that the people who have the most to say about feminism, misogyny, sexual harassment and gender discrimination are people who have NEVER experienced it – often men! And they tell you to: “Lighten up and get over it.” I am hugely in favour of experiential learning…

Does Money + Power = Lack of Leadership and Integrity?

February 17 2016 By [email protected]

Over the past few months the media has been flooded with stories of corruption, bad behaviour and a complete lack of integrity in sport, politics and business! What must young people think when they look to supposed role models of leadership? I know what they are thinking because they tell me. Generation Y and now…

What I Have Learnt From David Morrison

January 27 2016 By [email protected]

Congratulations to David Morrison on being named Australian of the Year 2016. Many have seen this as a great choice given David’s public commitment to gender equality, even being called an “equality warrior”, while others in the media (and probably quietly in private conversations) have said it was a “politically correct” decision. I disagree with…

Creating Inclusive, Transformational Leaders

November 19 2015 By [email protected]

Over the past decade I have interviewed over 100 effective and inspiring leaders prior to, and subsequent to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) about what enabled them to transform their organisations and actively engage their people, in both the good times and more challenging times. These leaders have been from different industries and organisations; and…

The New Buzz Words: Innovation, Disruption And Inclusion

November 10 2015 By [email protected]

Is it just me, or are others over the use of the three latest buzz words: innovation, disruption and inclusion? If you are not using these words in everyday language you are so not cool, and out of touch! But let’s examine each of these words carefully, because unless they are truly new, we are…

Calling All Men To Be Male Champions Of Change

September 01 2015 By [email protected]

There are currently a multitude of articles, interviews and conversations taking place in Australia and around the world about greater gender equality. This is a good thing because when we start talking about difficult, challenging topics it means we are thinking about it more, and therefore questioning the status quo. Though the past four decades…

Respect & Equality Go Hand-In-Hand

August 13 2015 By [email protected]

Call me a nerd, but I love watching The Great Australian Spelling Bee on Channel 10 at the moment. And here is why it is such a joy to watch – children with talent, selected on merit not gender, race or colour, displaying good sportsmanship, teamwork and good manners! I believe we are born equal…

Women Need To Stop Sabotaging Themselves!

July 23 2015 By [email protected]

Over the past 5 years more than 200 women have completed my Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM) women’s leadership development program. More than 40% of them have been promoted or received a pay rise within 13 months of completing the program, or have gone on to be offered a more senior role in another organisation…

Common Myths About Women At Work That Are Just Wrong !

July 13 2015 By [email protected]

In my latest book Leadership Revelations III How We Achieve the Gender Tipping Point, I interviewed 91 women from 10 countries, and across four generations, from Veterans to Generation Y, to ascertain the most common myths about women at work that are simply wrong! Here is a summary of those myths, by generation and internationally:…


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