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Announcing the GLAM Alumni Network 2019

February 20 2019 By [email protected]

Welcome to our new GLAM Alumni Network. More than 500 women over 8 years have attended GLAM programs in Sydney, Canberra and Darwin. This is your network where you can learn new skills, exchange experiences and knowledge, and embrace networking opportunities. Our GLAM Alumni includes engineers, accountants, defence officers & leaders, IT professionals, health care…

Create The Dream Place To Work

February 08 2019 By [email protected]

I love research that draws our attention to the positive aspects of leadership, people and life, and challenges you to see things differently, rather than to see what’s wrong and why new ways won’t work! In a study done by Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, professors at London Business School and IE Business School (Madrid)…

Are you listening?

January 30 2019 By [email protected]

“It is better to remain quiet and be thought of a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt” Anonymous Most of us don’t actually listen, we simply hear. This means that we comprehend less than 50% of every verbal conversation we have, so much of the message is either forgotten or lost. Many…

2019 & Beyond

January 17 2019 By [email protected]

Some things to remember with closing a year and starting a new one….. Stop being a “human doing” and become a human being Stop using your technology 24/7 – shut it down, turn it off and BE PRESENT One for women – Stop saying “I’m sorry” if you didn’t hurt someone’s feelings! Stop using BUT…

What Matters Most

August 14 2018 By [email protected]

Many people I know here in Australia and around the world are having a challenging year – ill health, financial difficulties, job insecurity, loss of loved ones and increasing dissatisfaction and disengagement with political leadership around the world. At times it feels as though the world is becoming less tolerant, less generous, less kind, more…

lessons From The Global Women’s Summit May 2018

May 02 2018 By [email protected]

In its 28thyear, the Global Summit of Women was held in Sydney, Australia, with over 1,000 women attending from more than 65 countries. It was three days of sharing, networking, wisdom and fun. I have had the privilege of attending three summits and being a speaker at each of them – Beijing (2010), Paris (2013)…

What’s The Lesson

March 06 2018 By [email protected]

Building on my January mantra of:“Find the joy in every day and situation, no matter the circumstances,” my mantra for February has been “What’s the Lesson?” I had decided that following some demanding situations at the end of 2017 that I would find the joy in every situation, and was delighted to find that there…

Find The Joy

February 01 2018 By [email protected]

As part of reflecting on the year that was 2017, I decided that in 2018, I would create and adopt a mantra for each month, then reflect on its effectiveness at the end of each month. I thought I would share with you how that has worked in the first month of 2018. January’s mantra:…

Do You Respect Differences?

June 28 2017 By [email protected]

Time for reflection is very important for our mental, physical and emotional well-being, and our ability to engage in self-care. I think it is indicative of our “busyness” that the number one workers compensation claims today are stress related, rather than physical injuries. Stress is also the most significant contributor to ill health. And yet…

What Today’s Leaders Can Learn From The ANZACs

April 12 2017 By [email protected]

As a nation, this month we will unite for the celebration and remembrance of Anzac Day and those who have died for the freedom of this great country in which we live.  A past federal Treasurer speaking on Anzac Day a few years ago said Australian ideals had been both tested and proved at Gallipoli.  Further, he…

Be Bold For Change

March 09 2017 By [email protected]

Six key tips to be bold for gender equality change without fear of losing your job If women are not willing to be bold, nothing will change. Given the glacial pace of change for women in the workplace, including politics, at the current rate of change it will be over 100 years before we have…

High Tech Destroying Human Touch?

August 01 2016 By [email protected]

I have just returned from a 4-day visit to Hong Kong where yet again I was starkly reminded of how technology is controlling a significant part of our daily lives, both professionally and personally. As we sat at dinner in a Michelin star Chinese restaurant, with beautiful surroundings, classical music, exceptional service and delicious food,…


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