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September 28 2023 By [email protected]

GREAT LEADERS ARE MADE (GLAM) WOMEN’S FINAL PUBLIC PROGRAM It is with gratitude, great pride and sadness, that The AHAA Team and I announce the end of our public programs, Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM) Womens’ Leadership Development, both online and face-to-face, on 30 November 2023. Our final public program will be run on 2,…


July 31 2023 By [email protected]

People in Australia and around the world are having a challenging year – fire, floods, natural disasters, ill health, interest rate increases, inflation, rising cost of living, financial difficulties, job insecurity, loss of loved ones and increasing dissatisfaction and disengagement with political leadership around the world. At times it feels as though the world is…

CHANGE IS COMING…Last chance to secure your seat to our GLAM Zoom Course with Avril Henry.

July 15 2023 By [email protected]

If you are looking to enhance your leadership skills and take your career to the next level, the Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM) Women’s Leadership development program by Avril Henry could be the perfect fit for you. Our last online GLAM program for the year is fast approaching in August. This will be the last…


June 28 2023 By [email protected]

Have you ever wished you understood gender and sexual orientation challenges better?  Have you ever wished you understood why people from different generations, and cultural backgrounds behave differently?  Have you ever wished you got on better with the people at work, or as a manager wish that people were easier to manage?  Do you ever…


November 28 2022 By [email protected]

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time when many of us have reflected on those we knew and lost, those who survived and are still with us, and those who are still battling or living with breast cancer. I debated long and hard throughout the month of October whether I would write this blog,…

The Fatigue Of Sameness

March 26 2021 By [email protected]

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom (Aristotle). Does every day feel like the day before?  Does every teleconference or Zoom call feel more draining than the previous one?  Do you just feel like staying in your pyjamas some days, watching Netflix, and eating junk food, because it seems easier?  Do you miss boundaries…

What We Loathed, Loved & Learnt In 2020

December 16 2020 By [email protected]

We have all struggled in 2020, and no one could have predicted what has been an unbelievably challenging, and at times, torturous year! As we get to the end of 2020, it is time to take stock of what we have LOATHED, LOVED AND LEARNT in this year like no other! What have we loathed?…

Finding Our Way To A Different Normal

July 16 2020 By [email protected]

No one is coming to save you! Your life is 100% your responsibility! One of the things I have found fascinating about COVID-19 is the constant and predictable cycles of the “blame game”, as people and leaders seek who to blame for the virus becoming a pandemic,  lack of medical equipment especially PPE, increasing unemployment,…

How Leaders Are Failing In The Global Pandemic

May 11 2020 By [email protected]

In the early 2000s leaders were found to be failing in five significant ways:   Not being good listeners Not managing poor performance in the workplace Being resistant to change Not giving regular, constructive feedback Lack of willingness to adapt command and control leadership styles to more inclusive and collaborative leadership styles. These were the…

Another International Women’s Day And Women Are Mad As Hell! Here’s Why

April 07 2020 By [email protected]

International Women’s Day has been celebrated on 8 March annually since 1911. While progress has been made, given that it has been over a century the pace of change has been glacial to say the least and frankly, myself and many other women are a bit “over it”! Yes, we are mad as hell, and…

(they Long To Be) Close To You

April 02 2020 By [email protected]

With the COVID-19 pandemic we can be anything BUT close to you! It was however while watching the YouTube clip performed by the Couch Choir of the song Close To You, ( originally performed by The Carpenters in 1970) that got me thinking about what we miss most as humans. The performance recorded earlier this…

Kindness, Dignity & Accountability

December 18 2019 By [email protected]

This past festive season has been surreal to say the least. The bush fire catastrophe across Australia has demonstrated the best of Australian culture and community spirit, and the best and worst of Australian leadership. Many of us feel sadness, disappointment, frustration and anger, yet we have hope and gratitude in our hearts too. We…


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