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The New Buzz Words: Innovation, Disruption And Inclusion

November 10 2015 By [email protected]

Is it just me, or are others over the use of the three latest buzz words: innovation, disruption and inclusion? If you are not using these words in everyday language you are so not cool, and out of touch! But let’s examine each of these words carefully, because unless they are truly new, we are…

Calling All Men To Be Male Champions Of Change

September 01 2015 By [email protected]

There are currently a multitude of articles, interviews and conversations taking place in Australia and around the world about greater gender equality. This is a good thing because when we start talking about difficult, challenging topics it means we are thinking about it more, and therefore questioning the status quo. Though the past four decades…

Respect & Equality Go Hand-In-Hand

August 13 2015 By [email protected]

Call me a nerd, but I love watching The Great Australian Spelling Bee on Channel 10 at the moment. And here is why it is such a joy to watch – children with talent, selected on merit not gender, race or colour, displaying good sportsmanship, teamwork and good manners! I believe we are born equal…

Women Need To Stop Sabotaging Themselves!

July 23 2015 By [email protected]

Over the past 5 years more than 200 women have completed my Great Leaders Are Made (GLAM) women’s leadership development program. More than 40% of them have been promoted or received a pay rise within 13 months of completing the program, or have gone on to be offered a more senior role in another organisation…

Common Myths About Women At Work That Are Just Wrong !

July 13 2015 By [email protected]

In my latest book Leadership Revelations III How We Achieve the Gender Tipping Point, I interviewed 91 women from 10 countries, and across four generations, from Veterans to Generation Y, to ascertain the most common myths about women at work that are simply wrong! Here is a summary of those myths, by generation and internationally:…

Why Are We So Afraid Of Anything Different?

July 07 2015 By [email protected]

WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO CHANGE IN THE NEWFINANCIAL YEAR? Welcome to the start of a new financial year, and the opportunity to review and reflect on the past business year, reset, plan and prepare for the coming year. I believe there are some simple questions we can ask ourselves about our professional and personal…

Bullying and Harrassment in Medicine

May 29 2015 By [email protected]

Four Corners investigates bullying and harrassment of young doctors in our hospitals… In a shocking expose of the toxic culture within some of our major teaching hospitals, Avril Henry provides balanced insights into the devastating effects of workplace bullying. See the program via the link below… Four Corners ABCTV May 25

Chief of Army urges men to see gender inequality and act..

May 14 2015 By [email protected]

In one of last public appearances as the Chief of Army, Lt General David Morrison has launched Avril’s new book in Canberra. He encouraged men to use the book as a way of gaining insight into a world that is often unseen by the male gender. Read the Canberra Times’ coverage of the event via…

Leadership Revelation III: How We Achieve the Gender Tipping Point launches!

May 07 2015 By [email protected]

Avril’s new book, Leadership Revelations III: How We Achieve the Gender Tipping Point was officially launched by the Chief of the Australia Army, Lt. General David Morrison last night at the headquarters of the ASX. ASX Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Elmer Funke Kupper and a number of the Male Champions of Change were…

Women need men to get to the top: ABC Radio interview with Geraldine Doogue

May 04 2015 By [email protected]

Do women really need men to help them get to the top? YES, according to author Avril Henry. “Men have a vital role to play in sponsoring women to help them to get to the top. Senior male leaders sponsoring women will have the greatest immediate impact on the number of women in senior positions,”…

Pre Order Leadership Revelations Iii

March 04 2015 By [email protected]

BEING RELEASED 6 MAY 2015 Through successful women’s stories (91 women from 10 countries across 4 generations), Avril uncovers their experiences about unfair treatment based on their gender, an experience rarely, if ever, experienced by men. This leads to an exploration by Avril of the myths that surround women at work, which are often unfounded…

Choices, Chances And Changes

December 17 2014 By [email protected]

My challenge to each of you: You must make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE, or your life will never CHANGE! Do you want 2014 to be different and better, or to be more of the same? I believe the 3 C’s of life are: Choices, Chances and Changes. Life and self-leadership is all about:…


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